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About Us

We merged innovative competencies with more than 30 years of experience with the logistics and pallets manufacturing. A highly specialized team will support any customer demand on packaging development, logistics & manufacturing and sustainability, granting the best technical and commercial support, and knowledge transfer.

The convergence of young and skilled professionals, with over 30 years experienced in logistics & manufacturing market specialists, resulted in a modern, efficient and competitive company. Strategically located at Itararé – SP, Fort Palets gains competitive advantage when compared to other companies since less than 350 km is the distance between Itararé and the most important South America´s state capitals, São Paulo and Curitiba. Add to this, the fact of the city been surrounded by one of the largest reforestation area at southeastern Brazil.


Our site at Itararé – SP is less than 350 km far from Curitiba and São Paulo and this empowers our agility and high quality services offer. Surrounded by one of the largest reforestation areas in Southeastern Brazil, we assure sustainability, nature preservation, and best quality raw material application during our wood pallets manufacturing.


Our mission is be recognized as an ethic, competitive and sustainable wood pallets manufacturer and logistics services provider. We are grounded on agility, high quality and low production cost, when providing services and manufacturing pallets.


Be recognized as Brazil´s wood pallets manufacturer´s market leader.