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Products and services

Applying high-end equipments and automated manufacturing lines during wood pallets production, Fort Paletes can supply large demands with perfect standartization. The parameters are applicable to one way, multway, PBR or cative pallets.

We also offer sanitary plant treatment (HT) solutions and quarantine..

Pallets rental

FORT PALETES offers pallets rental in two different models:

  • with pallets devolution: FORT Paletes supports customers demands during production peaks or specific periods. When contracts are due, pallets are returned without extra costs.
  • without pallets devolution: Fort Paletes offers a montly fixed price contract and when after expiration the pallets become customers ´property. 

Pallets reconditioning

Consists on customers’ pallets maintenance offered in two different models:

  • Pallets are collected at customers’ site, reconditioned and returned after a specified period.
  • Pallets are reconditioned at customers´ site, granting agility and transportation costs reduction.

On site manufacturing

The Wood pallets are manufactured at customers´ site, reducing stocks, improving delivery agility, supporting on demand production (Just in Time). Fort Pallets have two productive plants located at customers’ sites.